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Session 5

The Global Governance Deficit: Creating a New Global Social Contract

Saturday, 5 November 2022

15:15 - 16:40 | GMT+7

Ongoing conflicts and crises, including the unequal response to COVID-19, the slow progress on climate action, and the recent invasion of Ukraine, have demonstrated the failings of the intergovernmental system in maintaining world peace and sustaining development across the globe. There is, therefore, an urgent need to build a new type of global collaboration that is hopeful, energizing, and much more effective in achieving fair outcomes for all.

What are the main gaps and challenges to global governance? How can we rebuild confidence and trust toward multilateralism? What should the new form of multilateralism entail?

Keynote Speakers & Panelists


Sidaleas Chhun

American University of Phnom Penh - Cambodia

Sabina Katya

CentennialZ - Indonesia

Mark Clark

Generations for Peace - Jordan

Bahadir Sirin

Global Policy Research Group (GPRG) - Sweden

Chan Lok Man Carissa

Asia Law Student Association (ALSA) - Hong Kong

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