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Session 6

The Ukraine War and Its Impact on the Rest of Us

Saturday, 5 November 2022

16:50 - 18:20 | GMT+7

The war in Ukraine has brought a wave of uncertainties, geopolitical repositioning, and new security as well as development challenges. The war has already resulted in an increase in defense spending, potentially reallocating and diverting state budgets from international aid commitments. Further, an estimated one fifth of the global population now lives in ‘perfect-storm’ countries, severely vulnerable to three three major dimensions of the crisis – food, energy and finance.

Will the flux of migrants caused by Russia’s war in Ukraine worsen polarization in the recipient societies, as well as increase intolerance, populism and xenophobia, leading to further instability? Will it also result in the reshaping of the global system, especially those parts related to aid and development? If so, what would that look like and what is the way out of these crises?

Keynote Speakers & Panelists


Vasuki Shastry

Chatham House - United Kingdom

Prof. Omar Ashour

Doha Institute for Graduate Studies

Tomasz Gerlach

Centre for International Relations - Poland

Voon Zhen Yi

KSI Strategic Institute for Asia Pacific - Malaysia

Patricia Akor

Africa Youth Growth Foundation - Nigeria

Olena Dudko

Europa Union Frankfurt - Germany

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