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Sustaining Peace and Development in a Divided World

A North-South, East-West meeting featuring world leaders and leading minds to connect with global citizens.

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Foreign Policy Community of Indonesia (FPCI) is pleased to announce a new partnership and collaboration with an international advocacy organization, Global Citizen. With a set of common goals, Global Citizen will co-host the upcoming annual Global Town Hall this year, which will be held on Saturday, 5 November 2022. With FPCI's partnership with Global Citizen this year, the upcoming Global Town Hall aims to reach a wider audience worldwide.

Since 2020, FPCI initiated and has been running the international consortium of think tanks from various countries to convene the Global Town Hall — a North-South, East-West meeting featuring world leaders and leading minds to connect with global citizens. At the Global Town Hall, citizens from all over the world gather to discuss the most pressing issues in a 15-hour marathon of foreign policy sessions. This year, Global Town Hall will be conducted under the theme of “Sustaining Peace and Development in a Divided World.”


Since its inception, the Global Town Hall has gathered over 12,000 people from over 120 countries. The conference featured speeches from the President of the European Commission, Foreign Ministers of Indonesia, Australia, China, European Union, UAE, France, South Africa, India, and Russia as well as the leaders of various international organizations.

Conference Agenda 2022

Conference Agenda

Opening Ceremony

Sustaining Peace and Development in a Divided World

Session 1

State of the World 2022

Special Session

Keynote Speech from Japan

Session 2

Dear G20 Leaders: Hopes and Suggestions from the Grassroots

Session 3

The World as Democracies vs. Autocracies: It's Not That Simple! An East-West North-South Debate

Special Session

Video Message from Unites States

Special Session

Video Message from China

Session 4

The New Geopolitics of Rivalries: Can Major Powers Find Common Ground?

Session 5

The Global Governance Deficit: Creating a New Global Social Contract

Session 6

The Ukraine War and Its Impact on the Rest of Us

Special Session

Stand-Up Comedy Session

Session 7

From Youth-To-Youth: Generation Y and Z's Agenda for a Better World

Session 8

World Economy’s Triple Threat: Averting Food, Energy, and Financial Crises

Session 9

A Net-Zero World is Entirely Possible: Evaluating the Diplomatic, Political, Economic, and Technological Resources for the Green Revolution

*Please note the name of the session is subject to change.

*All session timings are in GMT+7 (Jakarta Time), so please adjust accordingly to your time zone.

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